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Performance resume

TIanna alley


   Vocal Range G3-F5    Hair Color Blond    Eye Color Blue/Green 



Help Desk                                         Mara                                 AlphaNYC, Alice Camarota

AMDA O4 Showcase                       Lead                                 AMDA, Ray Virta, Roxana Stuart

The Drowsy Chaperone                   Janet Van De Graaff       Omak PAC, Jillian 

A Christmas Story the Musical        Miss Shields                     Omak PAC, Nichole Peirce



What’s The Rule (In Prod.)               Katie                                  Puzzle Piece Stu., Justin Janoson

AMDA Film Project                          Romina                              AMDA, Robert Roy

Definitely Not OK (In Prod.)            Lexi                                    Paradox, Gustavo Montano

Off the Deep End                            Gianna                               Hofstra Univ., Andrew Panetta

The Last Olympian                           Annabeth                          Hofstra Univ., Victoria Licata

Places I’ll Remember                       Her                                     NYU, Saffy Laurio

Voice Over

Dirty Laundry                                   Naomi LaCroix                  Script Out Loud, Brooke B.

Basement Woman                          Pietra                                  Podcultra Poducciones, Sandra Camillo

Mass State Lottery                          Jen                                     Forgotten Genres, Jay Karales

Circus/Other Performance Experience


Performed with the Wenatchee Youth Circus 2017-2019.


The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), 2019-2021
     Acting: Daniel Daily, Ray Virta, Diane Chiesla, James Elliot, Mark Finley

     TV and film: Dave Shalansky, Victor Varhaeghe, Robert Roy
     Voice and Speech: Christopher Neher
     Dance: James Kichler
     Stage Combat: Joseph Travers
     Improvisation: Chris Griggs, Micheal Perilstein

Screen Writing Through the Woodstock Film Festival – Alex Smith - 2020

Special Skills

Language: German Accent, Southern Accent, Standard American Accent, New York Accent, Shakespear, Classical

Circus: Tightrope and Highwire, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Lyra, Flying Trapeze, Static Trapeze, Trampoline, Spanish Web, Tumbling, Fire Dancing-Fans, Flexible

Sports: Swiming, Tennis, Bicycling, Skiing-Alpine and Cross Country, Horseback Riding, Rock-climbing, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Canoeing, Kayaking 

Art: Personal Makeup, Draw, Paint-Watercolor and Oil and Acrylic

Culinary: Food Handler’s Permit, Cooking, Baking, Cake Decorating

Other: Driver’s License, Valid Passport, Good with Animals

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Voice-over resume available on request.

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